Neko Conner

One of the voices found on Dash & Ditto is seven year old, Neko Conner.  Neko lives in the Seward Park neighborhood of Seattle with her parents, Ede and Patrick and her younger brother Mac.  Neko is an avid reader and her extracurricular activities include Japanese, drama and choir at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School.

Neko lost one of her teeth on the day of recording.  Chris captured the moment Neko realized her tooth was about to fall out.

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy is a freelance audio engineer currently working out of Buttermilk Studios in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Chris has tracked, mixed, and produced many sessions at Buttermilk.  We loved our session with Chris.  He made us feel at ease.


Zanfirico Kluver

Zan Kluver is going to kindergarten in fall.  Zans dad, Marc is the developer of Dash & Ditto’s Playground.  In addition to sharing his voice, Zan is our number one beta tester.  He can find bugs in even in the most polished app.  Services available by the hour.




Natalie Williams

Another one of our voices for Dash & Ditto is nine year old Natalie Williams.  Natalie is the niece of Mark Kluver the developer of the app.  Natalie lives in the Santa Barbra area and is a talented horseback rider and surfer.



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